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Providers  will assist individuals with housekeeping, daily meals/meal prep, Medication scheduling , and any other types of observations.

Housekeeping includes but limited to:

Kitchen, Living room, Bedroom(s), Restroom, Patio( Additional rooms can be requested)


  • Cleaning of refrigerator/freezer (inside and out)
  • Purging expired products (Disposing of unwanted, spoiled/left over foods)
  • Organizing cabinets/Pantry (Disposing of expired/ open spoiling products)
  • Cleaning stove/oven
  • Cleaning and organize dining area
  • Removing debris from kitchen/dinning area
  • Sweeping and mopping floors

Living Room:

  • Organize living space (Remove debris if needed)
  • Dust/sweep/vacuum/mop (Carpet, area rugs, tile, flooring, and more)
  • Re-arrange furniture for optimal usage

Bedrooms (up to two any additional can be negotiated) :

  • Organize room and closest (Remove debris if needed)
  • Change linen
  • Dust/sweep/vacuum/mop(if needed)
  • Make room more functional
  • Clean en suite if one is available


  • Sanitizing shower/Tub and toilet
  • Dusting/sweeping/mopping
  • Removing excess debris


  • Dust off furniture/organize
  • Sweep/Removal of debris
  • Clean patio doors (in reach without ladders contact us for further information)
  • Water plants
  • Light gardening (weather permitted)

Pet Care:

  • Walking small dogs weight is no more than 25 pounds (contact us if dog is bigger we will negotiated the terms on some dogs) (dog should not be aggressive or uncontrollable and living area has to be a safe location that will not put dog or provider in any danger, also you must provide your own doggy bags)
  • Walking distance can’t be more than 50 feet from site of individuals home(negotiable) Providers will not be held responsible for pets who break away so please make sure pet collar/leash is in good working condition.
  • We do help with other pets as well just give us a call and we will discuss. (A waiver must be signed before rendering any pet care services)